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The New York Times bestselling author of The Year of Living Biblically chronicles his profound and hilarious adventures in attempting to follow the original meaning of the Constitution, as he searches for answers to one of the most pressing issues of our time: How should we interpret America’s foundational document?

“I don't know how I learned so much while laughing so hard.”—Andy Borowitz

Praise for The Year of Living Constitutionally

“Fascinating and necessary.”

— Booklist

“This book, written with a light heart and a gentle touch but a very big brain and a deep soul, might be just what’s needed to help turn the fateful tide we confront. It’s a journey that’s at once hilarious and educational. Everyone should read it.”

– Laurence Tribe, author of The Invisible Constitution, Harvard Constitutional Law professor emeritus

"Jacobs' well-researched romp carefully reckons with the Constitution’s ethical blind spots while staying consistently entertaining. U.S. history buffs will have fun with this one.”

Publishers Weekly

"A marvelously witty and wise consideration of the Constitution's legacy."

— Kirkus Reviews 


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A.J. is a journalist, lecturer, human guinea pig and author of four New York Times bestsellers.
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In each episode of the podcast, Twice Removed, A.J. and team dive deep into a guest’s family tree.
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Inspired and inspiring.

-Time Out New York

"We love the lifestyle experiments of author A.J. Jacobs"

-Entertainment Weekly

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