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This book is about A.J. Jacobs’s family. And also your family.

Because it’s the same family. So as a (distant) cousin of his, you might want to check this book out.Jacobs tells the tale of his quest to unite the entire human race in one all-encompassing family tree. Well, it’s not just his own quest. It’s a historic project involving thousands of researchers and scientists and it’s revolutionizing the way we think about race, ethnicity, history and the human species.

"Whether the author is being ruminative or rollicking, he is consistently thought-provoking in his adventure in helping to build the World Family Tree, and his natural gift for humor lightens the mood of even the most serious discussions. A delight, easy-to-read, informative book.""

- Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

"Very entertaining exploration...the book is a real treat."

- Starred Review, Booklist

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A.J. is a journalist, lecturer, human guinea pig and author of four New York Times bestsellers.
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In each episode of the podcast, Twice Removed, AJ and team dive deep into a guest’s family tree.
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We love the lifestyle experiments of author A.J. Jacobs –Entertainment Weekly

Introducing Twice Removed – The Podcast that Sets Out to Prove We’re One Big Family

Take a look around and find the person closest to you. Maybe that woman in the scarf in line ordering a latte. Or the little boy on a scooter, waiting to cross the street. What if we told you,  that you and that person are related. And what if I told you, we can prove…
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Obama has 44 cousins in the Senate. Now can’t we all just get along?

Forget the president’s Tea Party cousin or Washington animosity. My research shows that we’re all part of one big family. A dysfunctional one, but still – come on, cousins!…
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You’re Probably Related To Ryan Gosling

Author A.J. Jacobs is attempting to throw the world’s biggest family reunion, because creepy or not, we’re all likely linked genetically….
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Are You My Cousin?

My family tree sprawls far and wide. It’s not even a tree, really. More like an Amazonian forest. At last count, it was up to nearly 75 million family members. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re on some far-flung branch of my tree, and if you aren’t, you probably will be soon. It’s not…
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Recent obituaries…
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My Outsourced Life

I REALLY SHOULDN’T HAVE to write this article myself. I mean, why am I the one stuck in front of a computer terminal? All this tedious pecking out of words on my laptop. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions. Jesus. What a pain in my ass. Can’t someone else do it? Can’t I delegate this to one…
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I Think You’re Fat

An immersion into the bizarre, entertaining and terrifying world of Radical Honesty – a movement that encourages us to remove the filters between our brains and mouths….
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Things You’re Not Supposed to Do With Google Glass

Project Glasshole. I test out the upcoming Google Glass face computer by using it to read Moby Dick, cheat at poker, be a Cyrano and be a better man….
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How to Focus

The 4 best secrets to unitasking….
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The horrible history of men’s clothing

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