Take a look around and find the person closest to you. Maybe that woman in the scarf in line ordering a latte. Or the little boy on a scooter, waiting to cross the street. What if we told you,  that you and that person are related. And what if I told you, we can prove it? In Twice Removed, Gimlet’s new limited series, New York Times best-selling author A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Living Biblically, Drop Dead Healthy) is on a mission to show that all of us are related in some way. That we’re one big family.

In each episode of Twice Removed, A.J. and team dive deep into a guest’s family tree. They build a roadmap down through that tree to the most interesting people and stories. At the end of that roadmap is a mystery relative. A.J. and team will surprise the guest with an in-studio reveal of this surprising mystery connection… someone the guest couldn’t possibly have thought they were related to.

This season, we look into the family trees of some notable names in American pop culture, including: sex columnist and activist Dan Savage (Savage Love, It Gets Better); comedian Abbi Jacobson (Broad City); cook book author, writer, and TV host Ted Allen (Chopped); and more.

Twice Removed will travel around the world and through time, uncovering surprising stories about bootleggers, presidential sex scandals, African revolutions, Civil War coffee and brazen pumpkin heists.

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