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The Know-It-All


INTRODUCTION I know the name of Turkey’s leading avant-garde publication. I know that Bud Abbott was a double-crosser and John Quincy Adams married for money. I know that there’s a heated controversy over who invented the accordian. I know that dwarves have prominent buttocks. I know that Hank Aaron played for a team called the…
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Conversation Guide

Here’s a dirty secret: I don’t ACTUALLY know it all. In my year reading the encyclopedia, I began to fathom just how much information there is in the world. Everyone knows there’s an ocean of knowledge out there, but you don’t realize quite how big that ocean is until you try to drink it cup…
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INTERVIEW Q: Why in the name of God did you do this? A: There were two reasons. First, my IQ had done a slow but steady swan dive since I graduated college. If things continued, I’d be spending my days watching Wheel of Fortune and drooling into a bucket. I thought something drastic needed to be done….
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